Spectral (2016) Full Movie


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Added by / Posted on 14 Dec 2016

Spectral (2016) Full Movie Watch Free Online. After arriving at a US Military Air Base on the outskirts of Chișinău, he meets with General Orland, the leader of US troops in the region and CIA officer Fran Madison, who runs the Delta Force missions alongside the military. He is shown several pieces of footage captured by the goggles worn by troops in the field, each showing a mysterious translucent apparition that is humanoid in form, and is able to kill almost instantly. Knowing it is something other than interference, Orland wants Clyne’s expert opinion before forwarding the findings and footage to his superiors back in the United States. Conversely, Madison believes the sightings to be members of the insurgency (former soldiers loyal to the previous totalitarian regime) wearing an advanced form of active camouflage, and has orders from her superiors in Washington, DC to retrieve a sample.

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